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Optimize sales growth by unifying data from Google Ads, to Instagram Stories, YouTube Channels, Amazon orders, and many others.

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Quickly Start Owning Your Data

No more barriers, unleash the potential of your data

Automate and unify data to increase productivity for all the ways you want to work. However you’re getting it done today or want to get it done tomorrow, Openbridge data automation can help you get there faster.

Step one

Create Data Destination

Create a private, trusted destination to store your data using cloud data warehouses or data lakes like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena.

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Step Two

Activate Data Pipeline

Leveraging certified source APIs for Amazon Selling Partner, Amazon Advertising, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Instagram, Shopify, and many others, you can quickly and securely activate data pipelines to a private data destination.

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Step Three

Explore Your Data

Open standards ensure you have the data you need to fuel the tools your team loves. Run queries, build reports, or visualize data from a wide variety of tools like; Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Quicksight, and many others.

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Get a complete picture of your e-commerce business.

Code-free automation for all the ways data can unlock performance and growth.

Selling Partner API

Amazon Seller Central

Direct, official access to Amazon SP-API. Get data for listings, inventory, when a customer makes a purchase, fulfillment, customer service, returns, and much more.

Amazon SP-API



As someone using Shopify e-commerce solutions, you need to do everything you can to get an edge, and tapping into your e-commerce data will do just that.


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Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads API performance data for optimizing search, rankings, CPC, conversion rates, product pages, and content gives you an edge against competitors.

Amazon Ads
Openbridge Data App
Own Your Data

Hassle-free unified and optimized data.

Our simple, direct, and efficient code-free pipeline process ensures you can focus on using data, not wrangling it. Unify sales and marketing data from sources like Amazon Selling Partner, Amazon Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Shopify, and many others to private data lakes or cloud warehouses.

Analytics Dashboard
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Turn unified data into real opportunities.

Discover data-driven insights that drive deeper customer connections and accelerated growth. Get the data you need to fuel your favorite reporting, data visualization, SQL, or data science tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Amazon Quicksight, SAP, SAS, and many others with reliable, integrated data automation.

Data Destination
Trusted cloud infrastructure

Private, secure data ownership by design.

Customers always own their data, maximizing trust, privacy, and productivity. Data flows through encrypted, SSL-enabled pipelines before landing at private, customer-owned data destinations like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena.

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Analytics Dashboard
Your Tools, Your Data

Break free from vendor lock-in

Do you want to use Tableau or Microsoft Power BI as your analytic tool? How about unifying data in an Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery warehouse? Standards-based, open-access architecture delivers ultimate flexibility to use your favorite tools with your choice of a trusted cloud warehouses or data lakes.


Hasbro Analytics Team Drives Business Performance Insights

Leveraging our pipeline service for data lakes, Hasbro's data science pipelines unify marketing, social, and commerce data in one centralized repository.

Data fuels Hasbro's performance

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