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Supercharge ELT & ETL with self-service data ingestion pipelines

Why spend time researching data sources, planning data transformations, manual data flows, or managing infrastructure? Data integration and transforming the data from scratch is hard work. Openbridge's automated, zero admin ELT & ETL pipelines move data to analytics-ready data lakes and cloud warehouses.

"Thanks to Openbridge, we can tap previously hard to access data right at our fingertips. Our global team can get the data they need, on the fly, within their favorite tools like Tableau. Bottom line? Our team can make data-driven business decisions that deliver exceptional customer experiences thanks to the Openbridge data management platform."

Virgin Mobile
M. White, BA, Virgin Mobile
Ready-to-go data pipelines from popular sources

Do you want to use data to drive business performance?

Kickstart your projects with ready-to-go data pipelines to a data lake or data warehouse. We break down data silos with an automated, zero administration ELT & ETL service that delivers data to a highly available, cost-effective architecture on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Batch and streaming data ingestion

Looking to ingest data in batches and load raw data? Real-time stream processing to webhooks? Regardless the amount of data you have extend your data lake or warehouse with our AWS SFTP Batch Pipelines and AWS Kinesis Webhook API .

No more barriers, a smarter way to jump in

Think big, start small

Openbridge data engineers developed a fully-managed, cloud-based ETL & ELT data ingestion tools that automate extracting, transforming, and moving data to target destinations. Our simple, direct, and efficient data collection process removes operational overhead so you can focus on using data, not wrangling it.

For example, do you need Amazon Seller Central e-commerce data in your cloud warehouse or a data lake? Marketing or social media data from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Advertising , or Google Ads? We have you covered!

However you’re working today, or want to work tomorrow, our code-free ELT & ETL process can help you get the type of data you need to where you want it to be with our automated data ingestion system.

Data migration from your silos fuel analytics systems
Your data processing, unlocked

Look more, find more

Our ELT architecture and data ingestion process provide automated pipelines from data sources to industry-leading data destinations like Amazon Redshift, Facebook Presto, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake Storage, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Athena.

Unlocking data with code-free data ingestion and transformation processes allow teams to realize value from their data quickly and cost-effectively. From machine learning algorithms to enterprise-wide insights reporting, we get you there faster.

Whether it is big data, small data or something in-between, our ELT & ETL system offers automated data ingestion to cloud warehouses or data lakes so you can get there faster.

Systems integration from source data to target data stores.
Featured Success Story

Hasbro Analytics Team Drives New Business Insights

By leveraging our AWS and Azure data ingestion service for data lakes, Hasbro's data science pipelines unified marketing, social, loyalty, and commerce data in one centralized repository.

Unifying data from multiple sources offered new opportunities to discover trends and patterns to understand omnichannel marketing efforts. With omnichannel data from a variety of sources in a data lake, Hasbro used a variety of ETL tools and analytics platforms to arrive at business decisions faster and with greater efficiency.

Data fuels Hasbro’s digital transformation
Delivering "analytics-ready"

Data ingestion automation fuels your favorite BI, data visualization, SQL or data science tools

Engineers, data analysts, and data scientists get the data they need to do the work they love. Our standards-based, self-service data ingestion architecture ensures tools have quick access to analytics-ready data in Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Azure Data Lake, or Amazon Athena.

Get up and running quickly

Automated data pipelines process, route, and load to target systems like data lakes or cloud warehouses

Our ELT systems integration system provides an automated data pipeline architecture to leading cloud data warehouses and data lakes like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Amazon Athena.

Coming Soon: Extending our platform data pipeline tools to support Snowflake.

Data-driven Innovators

The world’s most innovative companies are choosing Openbridge

World-class companies rely on Openbridge for technology and talent to build, operate, and grow their business in today's complex, ever-changing data environments.


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