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Unify e-commerce data, discover insights, drive growth.

Leveraging official Amazon APIs, quickly activate code-free, fully-automated pipelines to a unified, trusted cloud warehouse or data lake destination owned by you.

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"Access to data means the team can work smarter. End-to-end marketing and advertising campaign data in unified data lake ensures we can optimize sales based on learnings from our measurement efforts"

Unify, organize, and visualize your e-commerce data

Create a unified, 360 view of all your digital self and ads performance data

Quickly streamline manual workflows to collect, catalog, and unify ecommmerce data to industry leading cloud data warehouse and data lake.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Seller Central

No more manual file downloads. Get code-free, fully-automated Amazon Selling Partner API data pipelines for orders, inventory, traffic, fulfillment, finance, and many more.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendors can take a lot of time and effort to manually process their data. Openbridge automation will automatically collect, process, route, and load your Vendor Central data to a private data destination.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Amazon Advertising

Harness the power of our Amazon Ads API automation, ensuring your teams have the data they need to optimize media investments.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Unlock performance and growth by tapping into the dynamic potential of Shopify's API data. Elevate your business strategies with data-driven insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that propel success.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Harness the power of our Meta API automation, ensuring your teams have the data they need to optimize media investments.

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform


Elevate your marketing strategies with Google Marketing Cloud. Harness the power of data-driven insights to enhance campaign effectiveness and drive steady, sustainable growth for your business.

Certified Developer Programs & APIs

Unified Amazon global sales and marketing data

Secure, unified Amazon enables data-driven efforts optimizing sales, operations, media investments, and customer experiences wherever you are worldwide .


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Turn unified data into real opportunities.

Quick, open access to your data fuels ad-hoc analysis by dragging and dropping multiple variables — segments, dimensions, and metrics, in your favorite tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Looker, Amazon Quicksight, SAP, SAS, and many others. Reliable, integrated data automation turbocharges data-driven insights that drives operational efficiency and accelerated growth.

Analytics Dashboard
Measure your business, however you want

Everything you need to put your data to work

However you’re working today or want to work tomorrow, automated code-free pipelines streamline your data workflows and ensure you get the data you need exactly where you want it. Airbridge unlocks new pathways to harness the power and flexibility of open source connectors.

Conduct interactive analysis across millions of rows of data, join multiple data sources, do advanced modeling, create custom visualizations, or export data to your ERP, you are in control.

Analytics Dashboard

Unify big data, small data, and anything in-between

You retain complete control and ownership over your data. Data is always stored in a private, trusted data lakes, data lakehouse, or cloud warehouses in a region of your choosing. Whether you need to unify sales data from Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Seller Central or Shopify, marketing data from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Advertising, or Google Ads, code-free pipelines deliver data to a destination owned by you.

"We can unlock the potential of our sales data with automated data flows to quickly generate customer insights that fuel profitable revenue growth."

Learn more, do more.

Start today - it's easy, it's free.

Everything you need to quickly unify your data, streamline processes, and supercharge insights that deliver data-driven growth

Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
Step One

Choose a data destination to unify your data

After activating your free Openbridge account, create a private, trusted destination to store your data using cloud data warehouses or data lakes like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake, and Amazon Athena. Data destinations are always fully owned and controlled by you.

Explore Destinations
Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
Step Two

Pick the data source you want to unify in your destination

Leveraging certified source APIs get the data you need fast. Code-free pipelines, including open source connectors fueled by Airbridge, unify all your Amazon Selling Partner, Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Advertising, Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Instagram, Shopify, and many others to your private data destination. Finally, no more manual data downloads!

Explore Sources
Openbridge Self-Service Data Pipeline Automation Platform
Step Three

Connect your favorite tools

You are ready to take control and put your data to work! Run queries, build reports, or visualize data from a wide variety of tools like; Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Quicksight, and many others.

Unified data gives you the power and flexibility to create embedded analytics in existing applications, websites, and portals. You can deliver branded, external-facing data discovery environments for partners, client, and customers.

  • Forecasting and recommendations
  • Identification of patterns, trends
  • Product segmentation analysis
  • Create notifications and alerts
  • Flexible, easy analytics
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