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Why embed Openbridge into your product or service?

Make data work for you with fully-managed API data automation to drive competitive differentiation, a fast go-to-market plan, and customized user experiences.

Your product experience, powered by Openbridge

Deliver the product and service experience your users want and need. Embed and customize Openbridge to create a seamless experience with your products. Increase your product's engagement and improve customer satisfaction by integrating automated data pipelines directly into your product.

Our API allow you to quickly embed core features into your application. Get the data you need to create custom dashboards help your customers track critical KPIs or extend a service offering to simplify operational complexities. Discover new pathways to differentiate your product and unlock growth.

Accelerate your time to value

Our APIs help you quickly and seamlessly integrate pipelines into your products, applications, and web portals. Get to market faster by leveraging best-in-class automation without having to build and manage the resources and expenses of maintaining a custom, in-house solution.

Run Local, Run Cloud

Flexibility to be deploy where you want, when you want. Whether you prefer running it locally or in the cloud using services like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, making the embedded API is versatile enough to run anywhere your product or service is deployed.

Private, Owned By You

Using the embedded API ensures you can use a trusted environment owned by you, with your data always stored in a private data lake, data lakehouse, or cloud warehouse in a region of your choosing.

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