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Unified data for AWS QuickSight deliver insights that fuel competitive advantage

Increase insights agility and accelerate growth with code-free, unified AWS QuickSight pipelines to your trusted data lake or cloud warehouse.

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Step one

Create Data Destination

Openbridge automates creating a fully-managed AWS QuickSight data lake or cloud warehouse destination allowing to securely unify and harness more data, from more sources, in less time, and at a lower cost.

Step Two

Activate Data Pipeline

Unify sales data from Amazon Seller Central, marketing data from Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Advertising, or Google Ads paid search to your private, secure, cloud based AWS QuickSight supported destination.

Step Three

Explore Your Data

With reliable, integrated data automation you can use an incredibly diverse array of tools, like AWS QuickSight, to explore, analyze, and visualize data to understand business performance.

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Your data analytics tools, always

Automate AWS QuickSight data and analytics efforts

Openbridge analytics-ready AWS QuickSight data delivery ensures you have the information you need to fuel the tool your team loves to use today or tomorrow. Automate data from Amazon Selling Partner, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Amazon Advertising, Shopify, Google Ads, YouTube Reporting, or Adobe Data Feeds to your private data lake or cloud data warehouse.

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It's time to take control

Unite your AWS QuickSight data in one place

Streamline messy, manual AWS QuickSight data wrangling with automated, analytics-ready pipelines to warehouses or data lakes. Take control of your data with industry-leading data destinations like Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Ahana, Snowflake, Azure Data Lake Storage, Google BigQuery, or Amazon Athena.

Take control, unify your data

Trusted, secure, and always controlled by you

Code-free, automated pipelines process, route, and load to industry leading data lakes or warehouses owned by you.

Amazon Athena

Athena + AWS QuickSight

Amazon Athena is serverless, so there is no infrastructure, and you pay only for the queries you run.

Amazon Redshift

Redshift + AWS QuickSight

Accelerate insights with fast, easy, and secure Amazon Redshift cloud data warehousing.

Google BigQuery

BigQuery + AWS QuickSight

Google BigQuery is serverless, scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse.


Snowflake + AWS QuickSight

Snowflake is a fast, efficient, and value focused on-demand cloud data warehouse.

Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake + AWS QuickSight

Run analytics, Power BI, Data Factory, and many others securely in the Azure Data Lake.


Databricks + AWS QuickSight

Databricks is a data lakehouse platform that lets you run all your SQL and BI applications at scale.

Amazon S3 Data Lake

S3 Date Lake + AWS QuickSight

Amazon S3 Data Lake securely and reliably scales to support the most demanding workflows.


Ahana + AWS QuickSight

Ahana delivers Presto SaaS so teams can provide SQL analytics services for their data lake.

Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Redshift Spectrum + AWS QuickSight

Amazon Redshift Spectrum queries data from your data lake without having to load the data into Redshift.

"Thanks to Openbridge, we can tap previously hard to access data at our fingertips. Our global team can get the data they need, on the fly, with their favorite tools like Tableau."

Data Automation
Take Control. Automate. Scale Faster

Everything you need to go faster with AWS QuickSight

Sales data from Amazon, marketing data for Facebook, engagement data for Instagram, or all of the above, our analytics-ready approach delivers the data automation you need to be up and running faster with tools like SAP, Alteryx, dbt, Azure Data Factory, or Qlik Sense.

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Harness more data, from more sources, in less time, at a lower cost with automation.

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Unified data

Unify big data, small data, and anything in-between. Private, trusted, and fully owned by you.

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